Our History
Henan Songyuan Bio-tech Co. Ltd, taking the latest worldwide fermentation technology and equipment, was established on June 8, 2012. Mainly products include natural fermented 17% -20% acidity white vinegar, 17% acidity rice vinegar, 15% acidity mature vinegar, 15% acidity balsamic vinegar, 10% acidity series fruit vinegar (apple cider vinegar, grape vinegar, hawthorn vinegar).
With more than 7 years鈥?experience of manufacturing high acidity natural brewed vinegar, Songyuan has established long term cooperation with enterprises in and abroad.
Our Factory
Henan Songyuan Bio-tech Co., Ltd is the unique manufacturer in China, who can produce vinegar in purity of 20% or even higher.
Located in Henan Province, the largest agricultural province in China
Latest worldwide fermentation technology and equipment:
5 Fermentation Lines;
2 Blending Line;
1 Distillation Line;
2 Filling / Packaging Lines;
1 Aging/ Maturation Line
Output value more than 1000 tons per month.
Our Product
17% - 20% Acidity White Vinegar
17%Acidity Rice Vinegar
15% Acidity Mature Vinegar
15% Acidity Balsamic Vinegar
10% Acidity Fruit Vinegar
99.8% Purity & Acidity Acetic Acid ( Food Grade)
Product Application
The high acid vinegar can be applied in Food, Culinary, Beverages, Condiments, Medicine, Beauty, Household, Sanitation etc.
Our Certificate
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, third-party inspection reports,CHTC, letters patent.
Production Equipment
Anti-penetration equipment, Acetator, Alkograph, cross-flow filtration, vertical defoamer, acetomat, SC technology, acetocontrol S7, separate nutrient dosing systems.
Production Market
Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, North / South America, and any Vinegar applied enterprises or buyer in the world.
Our Service
Pre-Sale: Samples for your assessment;
In-Sale: Leave the production, stocking and delivery of a multitude of vinegar for your needs;
All necessary certificates is provided.
Co-packaing & Private Labeling.
After-Sale: Technical Guidance or Support.China Cleaning White Vinegar factory

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