ZDP Date Sheet
ZDP User's Guide
鈻?Ergonomic design. Rugged metal housing construction for reliable and durable products.
鈻?The LCD screen can be flipped to display measurement data and units.
鈻?Instant tracking test and two peak modes are available.
鈻?Measurement units N.m/ or lbf-in are available for selection.
鈻?Programmable high/low value color LED indicators and output signals to indicate pass/fail testing.
鈻?The instrument can store 1000 data.
鈻?Can be connected to the computer with RS232C or USB interface. It can process 1000 books per second
and can generate analysis charts based on statistics.
鈻?Range overload and battery low voltage indication.
鈻?The LCD screen can display the positive and negative signs, which visually show the loosening and tightening of the screws.
Display indicators
1.CW(clockwise) sign:
Express the torque of the CW(clockwise) direction.
2.CCW(counter clockwise) sign:
Express the torque of the CCW(counter clockwise) direction.
3.Auto zero clear mode sign/:
AC mode is valid when it blinks.
4.Measurement value:
Maximum capacity and current damping condition is displayed after power on.
A measurement value will be displayed if torque is added to tip of sensor unit.
5.+/-sign change mode sign:
SC mode is valid when it is lit.
6.Auto acquisition mode sign:
AA mode is valid when it is lit.
7.Peak mode sign:
PEAK mode is valid when it is lit.
8.Data hold sign:
It is displayed during data transmission by pressing SEND key.
9.Low battery warning sign:
When battery's voltage is low, this warning sign blinks. You need recharge the battery.
10.Alarm mode sign:
AL mode is valid when it is lit.
11.Auto power off mode sign:
AO mode is valid when it is lit.
12.Measuring unit:
Display the present measurement unit.
Names and functions of parts
Capacity page 3
Accuracy +/-0.2% full scale +/-1digit
Measuring units N.m/ or lbf-in
Display 4 digit LCD-Unit-Mode-Overload LED-Comparator LED (reversible)
Sampling rate 1000 times/sec
Display update 10 times/sec
Overload capacity 200% of full scale (LED flashing and buzzing beyond 110%)
A/D converter 24 bit delta sigma
Micro processor 8 bit 1 tip micro processor
Battery use Approx. 8 hours (10 hours for charging)
Use temperature 0~+40 degree Celsius
Use humidity 20~80%RH(relative humidity)
PowerInternal NiMH rechargeable battery, AC adapter
Peak mode AND (CW and CCW) or OR (CW or CCW) selectalbe
Comparator function Programmable high / low set point with color code indicators
Memory Maximum 1000daa
Display turn function measured value and unit
Alarm function Overload and + NG (on / off selectable)
Auto power off 5, 10, 30, 60 min or OFF selectable
External cut-off function display maintain, zero clearing and select peak mode and track mode
Dimension length 220.5脳 width 78脳 height 32.3 mm
weight Approx 520g
Optional Equipment
A wide range of and gripping fixture
Tabulates and plots Also calculates statistics, exports to Excel, and more.
Certificate of calibration with data
Ordering Information
Capacity & Resolution
In the box
ZDP digital torque meters are shipped as shown at left, and include the following accessories:
(1) 鍗丅it #0
(1) 鍗丅it #1
(1) 鍗丅it #2
(1) Instrument cable
(1) Carrying case
(1) AC adapter
(1) Software CD data line(Purchase)
Instruction Certificate
Included Accessories
AttachmentsZDP-5 ZDP-10 ZDP-20 ZDP-50 ZDP-100 US Price
Hexagon screwdriver headZDP-5 ZDP-10 ZDP-20 ZDP-50 ZDP-1005
Hexagon screwdriver headZDP-5 ZDP-10 ZDP-20 ZDP-50 ZDP-1005
Hexagon screwdriver headZDP-5 ZDP-10 ZDP-20 ZDP-50 ZDP-100
Additional Items to Consider
Consumable parts
US Price
Gauge softwareGauge software
AC adapter
Spare AC adapter, 100V-240V 50/60HZ
Load 100Kgf.cm120
4 sections, 1 group
DimensionsTorque Tool factory

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