1. The unwinding tension adopts closed-loop constant tension control to ensure that the paper exchange force is stable and shock-free.
2. The reel is manually adjusted to ensure the error during the winding, and the lateral alignment of the reloading can be completed.
3. The paper-receiving mechanism adopts zero-speed head-to-head paper feeding. The whole operation is issued by the PLC. The mechanism consists of two sets of cutters, paper sticks, tape plates and negative pressure suction tape over rollers on the back. The cylinder drives the roller cutter to cut the paper instantaneously. The roller cutter simultaneously presses the tape onto the other prepared paper head. During the acceleration of the machine, the negative pressure suction tape on the back side is rotated and the tape is attached to the back of the joint to complete the connection. Paper action.
4. The traction is a roller structure. Pneumatic clutch. Reliable operation and easy operation.
5. The paper storage mechanism consists of four sets of floating rollers and four sets of fixed rollers. Its function is to reserve enough paper length to provide sufficient time for non-stop changing, and the tension of the paper storage mechanism is balanced by the weight. The counterweight can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the number of paper storage, and the electric lifting device can easily adjust the position of the floating roller to facilitate paper feeding.
6. The third stage tension is balanced by a tension swing arm. The cylinder uses an ultra-low friction cylinder to ensure the accuracy of the traction tension. It can be stabilized with the tension in the operation.
7. The rollers are made of aluminum alloy. Balanced and flexible.Paper Laminating Machine

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