Flying ag drone
Flying ag drone is the pick of technology-helped agriculture since it can carry 10kg of pesticide and achieve accurate and efficient spraying.
The plant protection machine is not a simple patchwork, but a reasonable mix of systems. Only a reasonable and effective combination of parts can make flying and spraying better.
Product description
▪The triangular bearing structure combined with the stable aircraft grade aluminum welded on the drone body makes flying ag drone can steadily fly even when spraying or in the wind weather.
▪The batteries are placed on top of the drone, which is easy to replace.
Diagonal wheelbase1450mmMotor model8315 Kit
Capacity10LESC Model80A
Blade Size:30"Empty Weight10kg
Flight time10-12 minutesBattery capacity16000 mA * 2
Working spray width4.5-6 metersWorking height2-3 meters
Working speed5-6 meters / secondWorking efficiency10-20acres/hour
Supply voltage12sFlight time1 set of batteries 2 sorties
Expanding size1.15*1.15*0.45mFolding size0.7*0.7*0.48m
1. High safety level. Only when both the wire of the battery and the motor is connected at the same time, can the drone start working.
2. Folding structure.
3. Centrifugal forced nozzles. With the technology of centrifugal force, the nozzles can reach a better automization effect. No excess spray will happen.
4. High intensity, low-cost maintenance. No more delay in seasonal farm work.

Company information
Since 2014, Rdroneguy Technology Co., Limited had caught up with the trend of drone’s R&D, thus was able to launch the thermal imaging series of drones, and support customized services which had exceed other drones company far and away.
For company information, you can visit About Us page.
Q: What if I find any damage on the drones after I received the products?
A: Take a photo or video and contact us at once. We will adopt appropriate solutions.
Q: How long can agricultural drone fly?
A: Flight time depends on flight attitude and weather conditions, such as windy weather affecting flight.
Q: When the drone is in flight, how does the remote control react to lose power?
A: This depends on the model. Generally speaking, when the drone is in flight, a warning message will appear when the remote control is low, and some models will have a buzzer sound. The drone will not be prompted, and the drone should fly back as soon as possible.Agriculture Spray Drone in stock

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