DC switching power supply converter DC to DC 350w,150w, 100w, 25w
DC-DC converter is electronic circuit that is used to step up (boost converter) or step down (Buck converter) the dc voltage to get the desire voltage. Generally used in solar grids, automobiles, for stepping up the batteries voltage, laptop adaptor etc.
Specification of Dc Switching Power Supply锛?/strong>
Product Name: DC to DC Switching power supply
Model: SD-350W
Input voltage:DC48V(DC36-72V)
Output voltage (Can be made锛? DC5V, DC12V, DC24V, DC48V
Rated power: 350W
Product size: 215mm (long) *115mm (wide) *50mm (high)
Our available DC to DC switching power supply: SD-25W, SD-100W, SD-150W, SD-350W
We can make special switching power supply according to your requirement.
Application of Dc Switching Power Supply锛?/strong>
Mainly used in various DC equipment, DC motor stepless speed regulation, LED stepless dimming, chemical electroplating speed regulation, scientific research test, student experiment, etc., and a wide range of uses.
FAQ of Dc Switching Power Supply
Why do you need a DC to DC converter?
Switched DC to DC converters offer a method to increase voltage from a partially lowered battery voltage thereby saving space instead of using multiple batteries to accomplish the same thing. Most DC to DC converter circuits also regulate the output voltage.China Switching Power Supply

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