Real mink lash extensions is just as its name implies, its material is the real mink fur. But now please don’t worry , the fur from young minks(1.5-2years old )is chosen,because this fur is glossy and vital .the fur is collected by the skilled worker when the minks fall their hair every year.This is a kind of extremely soft eyelash extensions,after grafted the real mink lash extensions, in addition to making the eyelashes thick and long, it is also very soft, comfortable and natural. Stronger with natural eyelashes, longer maintenance time. the curl also have BCDJL curl etc. And length have 8-15mm usually . The thickness is the natural thickness. Compared with the synthetic fiber eyelash extensions , the real mink lash extensions is more soft and very near our own natural eyelash, and it have a good effect when grafted on our own eyelash . So it makes the real mink lash extensions more popular than the synthetic mink eyelash extension,but accompany is the price is also higher than the normal synthetic fiber eyelash extension , Its market positioning is more inclined to the beautiful ladies which have a high pursuit of fashion and have a certain economic strength . Mink Fur Eyelash Extension manufacturers

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